Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Into a Wet and Frosty New Year

After the holidays, having polished off the pudding
and played games,
it was time to get some exercise!
We enjoyed a walk in some woods overlooking the local town,

where we found some well hidden Geocaches along the way.

I have still been painting our daughter's flat (almost finished as I am positing this).
January has been either extremely wet or extremely cold, the rain prompting me to buy some wellies.
Paths were turned into streams!
One frosty, Sunday morning I went on one of my favourite routes.  The village pond was frozen.

I followed a footpath beside a field
and walked through some woodland.  The frost sparkled in the early morning sun.

Two foxes trotted past me, as I gazed on in awe.
Leaving the woodland, I crossed some fields,

onto a lane that leads past a house to the river.

A mist was rising from the river.
Over some more fields.  This is quite a long route.

The farmer was putting out water for the sheep.
I spotted a solitary celandine braving the cold.
Back home in our front garden, the primroses are already blooming.
Signs that spring is on the way.

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