Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Unwind at Brighton

I had had my fingers crossed all last week as I checked the weather forecast for the past weekend, because the Unwind fibre festival was being held at Brighton for the first time.  I booked a market place ticket a couple of weeks ago, sadly too late for the classes that I was interested in, so I chose to go to Brighton for the Saturday only.  My husband dropped me off at 9am and I walked through The Lanes 

to the Friends Meeting House, where I could collect my wristband for the event.  My husband and children were off to visit family and would be back later to collect me.
Some of the Yarndale bunting was on display in the meeting house.

I stopped for a coffee
 and then it was time to 
walk through the Pavilion Gardens
 and head towards the Brighton Dome where the yarn market was located.
Just before the doors opened I spotted the lovely Deb of A World of Imagination.
We walked into the market place together and immediately started admiring the yarns and knitted garments on display.
How cute is that shawl?!
John Arbon Textiles
I loved this shawl.
Yellow Bear Wares
Ysolda Teague
I was very tempted by her pattern books, but decided to buy them online at a later date so that I could save my money that day for yarn.  These shawls are on my to-do list.
Juno Fibre Arts
I've falled in love with Alice ... I bought 2 skeins to knit Frangipani and later went back for another colour as well.
Kettle Yarn Co
Pebble beach Shawlette on display.  Gorgeous yarns on this stall too.
I bought a skein of their Westminster yarn to knit this shawl.
Owl capelet on display at Nature's Luxury (I think) ?
I liked the beady eyes!
By now my tummy was telling me it was lunch time and as the sun was shining I sat out in the beautiful Pavilion Gardens for a picnic.

Afterwards I just had time to wind my hank of yarn into a ball, ready for the mass cast on of the Pebble Beach Shawlette.
I had bought Luminosity by The Skein Queen for this project and yes I have started another WIP before finishing my other ones! :)
The mass cast on in progress.
Having taken stock of my purchases so far and more importantly the state of my finances, I went back into the market place.
Two more skeins purchased for shawls.
Textile Garden
I resisted buying their lovely buttons this time as I still have a stock of them from Unravel.
Nearly 5 o'clock and the market place was almost empty.
I headed to the beach to meet up with my family.
Pebble Beach on Brighton Beach.  It had to be done! ;)
I dispatched my husband off to buy a picnic.  It was so warm on the beach that it seemed a shame to sit in a restaurant, plus it gave me some knitting time and my feet a rest!
Driving home past Brighton Pavilion at the end of a wonderful day, made special by the people I met.
My haul from the day ...
... I think I was quite restrained! :) x

Friday, 11 July 2014

June to July ...

... at the allotment.
An end of June snapshot of what was happening on the "new" allotment.
The first courgette developing.
The carrots, beetroot and parsnips beginning to grow.
Lots of lettuce to eat.
My favourite fruit to harvest.
I have to confess that some of these didn't make it off the allotment! ;)
June has definitely been the month for strawberries.
The first French bean.
Tom Thumb peas.
Pak choi that something is nibbling!
We have been eating the cavolo nero.

Sorrel to add to salads.
Sweet Williams for the table.
All photographed beneath this beautiful evening sky.
The hollyhock is in flower.
 Still picking my favourite fruit.
 Harvesting lots of Rainbow radishes.
 Looking forward to this season's beetroot.
 The roots have grown some more.

... in the garden.
I started picking sweet peas.
 Ella discovered the catmint! :)

 An invader appeared! Great mullein.
 The verbena bonariensis began flowering
as did the dahlias
 and hydrangeas.

Lots more cosmos is in flower.
 The climbing annuals are in bloom.  Such a gorgeous blue!
 Lots of clematis blooms now decorate the garden.

Abraham D'Arby is stunning!
The Fairy rose bush is so laden with blooms that the branches are bent over.  I have to stake this plant up every summer.
 Rose Joie de Vivre enjoying more light now that I have trimmed the hedge in the front garden.
 The three buddleias are in full bloom.  The flower spikes on this one are huge!
 Black Knight

 Delicate astilbe Sprite is in bloom.

 We have had a lot of rain, but the sun has been shining again this week.
 I'm still picking sweet peas
 and I have been collecting seeds.
 Butterflies have been flitting around the garden, this one is a comma butterfly
 and yesterday we also had a visit from this dragonfly, a female broad-bodied chaser.