Sunday, 13 June 2021

Stitch Maynia

 Last minute I decided to join in with Maynia or Stitch Maynia as it is also called.  Brenda and Laura of Brenda and the Serial Starter began a #bbdweekendsal which is a stitch a long of Blackbird Designs the first weekend of each month, so I decided to stitch a couple of designs from the Winds of Autumn book.

Maynia Project 1

Blooming Sunflowers by Blackbird Designs.  36 count linen hand-dyed by me in the colour Sand.  Stitched 1 over 2 in called for colours.

I finished the project into a small, drawstring bag using patchwork cotton and velvet ribbon.

Maynia Project 2

Waiting for the Harvest by Blackbird Designs.  32 count linen hand-dyed by me.  Stitched 2 over 2 in called for colour.

Finished as a small cushion for an autumn display.
Filled with crushed walnut shells and decorated with two buttons from my Nana's button tin.

Maynia Project 3

Bumblebee by Mirabilia Designs.  32 count raw linen.  Stitched 2 over 2 in called for colours.

Finished as a lavender pillow for a friend's birthday.

Maynia Project 4

Butterfly by Mirabilia Designs.  32 count raw linen.  Stitched 2 over 2 in colours from stash.  I changed the butterfly from gold to blue.

Also finished as a lavender pillow, this time for another friend.

Maynia Project 5

Bloom by Hello From Liz Mathews.  32 count linen hand-dyed by me in colour way Amethyst.  Stitched 2 over 2 in colours from stash.

Finished as a hanging sign like the original design.
I corded some perle cotton and added a button and beads, all from stash.

Maynia Project 6

Miss Kitty by Mill Hill.  Kit for brooch or decoration using perforated card. 

I added felt backing and turned it into a brooch.
Maynia Project 27

Sow, Grow, Eat by Puntini Puntini.  32 count linen hand-dyed by me in colour Sand.  Stitched 2 over 2 in fancy flosses from stash.  This final project is as yet unfinished.

At Home Sewing and Sowing

When not out enjoying nature, I can be found at home usually with needlework in hand.  My lovely friend Nicola of Bumble Stitches started a stitch a long #pocketfullofposies and I joined in by starting Feed The Soul by Stitches Through The Years
I'm stitching this 1 over 2 on my own hand-dyed 40 count linen, Catkin, using threads from stash.  Some colours are the called for and some I have substituted.

I have finished my Stillness Shawl by Helen Stewart.
It is a beautiful design that includes lace and texture sections.
Knit in 4 ply using wool by The wool Barn and A Homespun House.
I have yet to take a final photo of it as it is so big!
I have also been gardening a lot, sowing seeds and getting the allotment ready.  The trees in our garden blossomed and lasted longer than usual because we didn't have much rain.

One Week Later ...

We had one day of snow in April!  Our weather has been rather strange this year, but spring did eventually arrive.

My husband and I went on walks at the weekend.

We also visited our favourite woodland to see the bluebells.

Dawn Walk

Up before the sunrise one morning, I decided to go for a long walk through our local countryside.

Join me for one of our favourite circular walks...