Friday, 29 April 2011

Easter Update and a Royal Wedding

My Easter holidays posting has been delayed this week, due to the fact that I couldn't publish my posts. This morning I discovered that Blogger and Explorer 9 are not compatible, so I am posting through Goggle Chrome. If anyone else is able to draft their posts, but not publish them, this is probably why.
Onto Easter, these are my knitted Easter Peeps. The idea originated from a Drops Design pattern, but I made my own pattern as I preferred to knit these on a pair of straight needles rather than double pointed ones.
I will post my pattern up on Ravelry soon.
We were back home from our Norfolk trip on Saturday, ready for a visit from the Easter Bunny on Sunday. My children each had a felted nest filled with mini eggs and a chocolate chicken.
I even had an egg from the Bunny, aka Mum & Dad. :)
I baked some cupcakes

and a Simnel Cake for Easter.

The hot weather continued so we had a BBQ on Easter Sunday - our earliest BBQ yet. This black, furry marauder turned up and tried to nab Jay's burger!
Today we have an extra Bank Holiday, to celebrate the royal wedding of William and Catherine. I have been watching it on television this morning. They look so much in love. I think the dress was perfect - so elegant.

Wishing Will and Kate a lifetime of love and happiness together.
Pj x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

April in Norfolk

Last week 3 of us went to Norfolk to stay with my parents. We were extremely lucky to have gorgeously hot weather all week. It was more like August than April, in fact it was better than most Augusts! We arrived in the afternoon and went for a walk across neighbouring farmland to stretch our legs after the journey.
Tuesday we visited some old haunts in Norwich.
Elm Hill.
View of Norwich Castle from the steps of City Hall.
Later that day we went for a walk along part of Marriott's Way.
This trail follows the route of a disused railway track.
Wednesday was even hotter and we headed towards Cromer, on the coast, for a spot of geocaching. The steps down to the beach were very steep.
My son exploring the beach after our picnic.
Onwards to Cromer.
Thursday we took my parents on a circular geocaching walk in a nearby village.Back home for a cup of tea in my parent's garden.The funny face is the window that my Dad has made in the greenhouse shading, so that my Mum can look up the garden whilst she is in the greenhouse. Every year he makes a different "window".
Friday we walked in some woodland near Holt, before heading into the town.
We had a wonderful, relaxing week. Thank you Mum and Dad. xXx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

More ...

Each day brings more and more colour to our garden.

The Snowball Bush is covered in more snowballs than ever before. The green blooms will become white when fully open.
The Wisteria is looking more and more beautiful each day. Each year more and more Tellima Grandiflora seeds itself around the garden.
Each day more and more buds form on the Alliums that I planted two years ago.
Ella, my gardening companion. A garden full of flowers and a cat by my side - who could ask for anything more? :)

Well, maybe some Making and Baking?

I think my diet is on hold for Easter!

I've made some Peanut Butter and Chocolate Krispies!

Another page completed in my Florida scrapbook.
The final Epcot page, featuring the firework display "Reflections of Earth". A quick Easter arrangement.

I am currently knitting some Easter Peeps for another arrangement.

Best wishes for the Easter Holidays, Pj x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine Days

We have still been enjoying the gorgeous sunshine here, but sadly the weatherman said that temperatures should be back to normal tomorrow! - Just when the Easter holidays start!!

Maurice and Ella have been lazing in the sun. Don't be fooled by the cosiness of this picture - Maurice wanted to be where Ella was, next to the Catmint, but she wasn't letting him. :)
In the front garden it is the turn of our Crabapple tree to blossom. I love the way the pink buds open up to white flowers. Unfortunately the blooms on this tree never last for long. The first Wisteria flowers are beginning to open in the back garden. Each day more and more of the buds open. I love my garden in the springtime, so here are a few more gratuitous flower photos. :) A Pink Tulip, Blue Grape Hyacinths and Forget-me-nots,
Purple and White Snake's Head Fritillaries, Hardy Geraniums, A Narcissus, Tulip "Queen of the Night"
and a Cowslip that has forgotten it is supposed to be pure yellow. Back indoors I have completed another two pages of my Florida scrapbook. I have used my Big Shot machine to cut the letters and gears. I chose to use Gadget Gears on these pages and stamped the corners with bubble wrap to give them an industrial appearance inspired by Epcot's Future World. These pages also contain elements of the packaging from some of our purchases. Talking of shopping - I couldn't resist these nearly new Faith shoes in a local charity shop this week, at a 10th of their original price (they still had the labels underneath).
I love red shoes and I love polka dots. :) My husband says they remind him of Minnie Mouse. :)