Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Few Days in Bath Part 1

Part 1 - Roman Baths, Christmas Market and Spa.
At the beginning of December my husband and I visited the city of Bath for a short break.
The hotel was decorated for the festive season, which made it extra special.

This soon became a favourite spot to sit and knit on my Surprise Party Shawl by Helen Stewart.
The hotel was situated a short walk from the city centre,
so each day we walked through the lovely hotel garden into the city.
The streets of Bath are lined with beautiful buildings, steeped in history.
One of the two places that Jane Austen lived in during her short time in Bath.

It was quite busy because the Christmas market was on.
Bath is perhaps the most famous for the Roman Baths.

We toured the baths and museum.

Spinning whorls and sewing implements.

Three mother goddesses.
Jupiter's thunderbolt.
The curse tablets were interesting.
This one is written in British Celtic and is the only example of this language known to exist.  It is the latin alphabet but cannot be translated.
Original Roman pavements.

As dusk fell the baths became more atmospheric.

Afterwards we wandered around the Christmas market that surrounded Bath Abbey.

One of the main reasons for our visit to Bath was to spend a day at Thermae Spa, Britain's only naturally warm, mineral spa.
Photos are not usually allowed, but at the end of the day when everyone had left the rooftop pool, I asked the attendant for permission to take a few photos.

We left feeling suitably pampered after our individual spa sessions and a delicious meal.

Time for a leisurely stroll back to the hotel.