Friday, 22 May 2009

Thank Crunchie It's Friday ...

.... and the first day of my holiday week. Life has been very hectic here, both at home and work. At work we are moving within the building, so I have been packing boxes and relocating them whilst a refurbishment is taking place. I have the unpacking to look forward to after my holiday! At home it has been more of the same as we had a new living-room carpet fitted. We only have one reception room so that meant moving a lot of furniture and the contents of the under-stairs cupboard , aka "The Black Hole". I couldn't believe how many boxes it took to empty that cupboard! I have to confess that it is mostly my craft stash! I have made to trip to Wilkinson's to buy some clear, stacking boxes, so hopefully the cupboard will be well-organised.

My husband is having some good days and plans to return to work after this next week. We still haven't had any results! We have been taking advantage of his time off and going Geocaching - our new addiction! I love the fact that it takes you further into corners of woods that you previously have only walked past. These beautiful orchids were next to one cache.

We have lots of activities planned for the coming week, including days out with my best friend and her family, as they will be staying locally in their caravan. We have been best friends since high school and sadly now live apart. Her boys are going to be on Scout Camp, so Jay will be outnumbered by the girls! I will tell you all about it after next week.

Hope you all have a Great Bank Holiday Weekend and Half Term Holiday.

Best wishes, Pj x

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Out & About

We have been taking advantage of some of the sunny periods recently and have been on some lovely walks in the countryside. We have walked past some beautiful, old houses.

What a sweetie!

This weekend we went Geocaching for the first time and are already addicted. A fun element to add to our walks. Sadly it is only my OH and myself who go on these walks - the children are typical teenagers and have "better things to do". They are showing a mild interest in Geocaching though, so fingers-crossed that we get them out with us.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Busy Couple of weeks

Sorry for the break in posting, things have been a little busy here recently. My husband hasn't been too well recently and I am his chauffeur for a month as he has been advised not to drive. There have been hospital appointments but no results as yet. That's the bad news over, now onto happier items, starting with cakes ...

Jay the chef with his yummy Swiss roll.

Fay was 17 last week and I made 17 individual fruit cakes. I try to think of something different each year for the birthday cakes and after 17 years I'm running out of ideas!
Fay and her boyfriend with the cakes.

Her main present was the Troll bead necklace that she is wearing in the previous photo. With some of her birthday money she bought Guitar Hero 3 and is practicing lots so she can beat the boyfriend on it next time they play!!

Jay has also been having a go.

For myself it has been a time of extreme low and then highs. After the initial worry over my OH, I have then been on a high. Firstly, the people I work with bought this lovely bouquet for me to say thank you for the extra work I have been doing. The lilies smell divine.
Secondly, for the first time ever, I am getting a brand new car. I have always been Second-hand Rose and driven other family members old cars and have been very happy with them, but my Ancient Astra is on its last legs and my OH said he preferred to buy a new car for me. I am so excited - I bet you never guessed! ;) I have been thoroughly spoilt! And the reason ... we have just ordered a Mini!! I've just got 2 long months to wait for it!
All the excitement hasn't fazed this cat! Ella has been sleeping and sunbathing as purr usual.