Thursday, 30 September 2010

September 2010

During September the garden has still been in full bloom, despite the rain trying to wash everything away! I have started to bring in my geraniums before we have any frosts and have been changing the planting in the patio pots ready for the winter.

The hedgerows have been laden with fruit.

The oak trees are full of acorns
which the squirrels are hoarding for the coming winter.
September is the month for fungi.
This tiny toadstool was as small as my thumbnail.
I found lots of fungi in fruit around the village.
The leaves on the trees are starting to turn, autumn is well and truly here.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful

For the past week I have had the lurgy, so apart from going to work I have had a relatively quiet few days. To cheer me up (reason 1), this little Emma Bridgewater bowl arrived in the post. I had sent away for this bowl, on special offer with Rachel's yogurt, some time ago.
Reason 2 - We finally got the key to our new allotment. Now I just have to wait for my husband to build some raised beds for me. We have decided that raised beds are the answer to this clay soil.
Reason 3 and 4 - Whilst taking advantage of an amazing deal on gardening tools at the local garden centre I also scored this free potted viola. Also Ella's war wound seems to be healing. I had to take her to the vets a few days ago with a burst abscess. I came away from the vets with one very unhappy, partially shaven and injected cat, a pot of hibiscrub to bathe the wound with and a large bill! But Ella is on the mend which is the important part of that, although we are having fun trying to catch her to use the hibiscrub! :)
Reason 5 - My pumpkin patch at our existing allotment is full of squashes. We have begun to harvest them and I am looking forward to butternut squash soup, pumpkin cookies and of course Halloween.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wisley Flower Show

On Sunday we visited RHS Wisley to see the flower show.
There were some beautiful displays from growers.

Inside the flower tent were these gorgeous chrysanthemums -

Misty Primrose
and Dance Salmon.
A chilli display, probably allowed into the flower tent because they are ornamental as well as edible.
There were various flower competitions with arrangements large

and small.
Walking around the rest of the garden we saw:-
beds of heathers,
carpets of cyclamens and swaths of sedums.
The shape of the glasshouse matched the clouds above.
A view across the gardens to the laboratory.
J found Sunny the cat in his usual place above the rockery.
We walked down the rockery
admired the carnivorous plants
and spent some time by the canal
watching this heron, who had his beady eyes on the fish!
My OH enjoyed being "King of the Castle" in the sunflower maze
and then a "Wickerman"!
We walked through the orchards, that were heavy with fruit
and went into the poly tunnel containing the exotic cucurbits.
We enjoyed looking at the exhibits on the sculpture trail.

These are a few of my favourite ones:-

We had a lovely lunch in the delightfully named "The Honest Sausage" restaurant. Next month we will go back again for the Taste of Autumn festival.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

It's Official ...

... I've finally flipped!
Last night I tried to make gravy using coffee granules instead of gravy granules!! Luckily I noticed before I served the gravy. :)
Note to Self:- Do not keep coffee and gravy granule jars beside each other in the kitchen cupboard! :)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho ...

... it's off to work we go!

It is my first day back to work after the school holidays and as I began the holidays with a video clip it thought I should end them with one too. Of course this is from Disney's "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs". My SIL gave this video to my daughter when she was three years old and she loved to watch it over and over. Grumpy was her favourite character.

Hope you all enjoy your day, Pj x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to School

Today Jay went back to school, to begin his final year of school. Where has the time gone? My baby has grown up too fast! Maurice and Ella are going to miss him, as most days of the holidays they could be found with Jay in his bedroom, even though they aren't allowed on the beds!!! I think I am fighting a losing battle with that one! :)
Sunday morning was spent in the kitchen, baking cakes ready for Jay to have in his packed lunches.
At a local charity shop last week, I found this lovely glass cake stand for only £2
and a pretty side plate for 50p.
Don't know if I should be eating cake though, as for the first time in my life I have been going to the gym - must be a mid-life crisis! :) I have a free 7 day pass for gym and swim and have been going with Jay. I am now trying to decide whether or not to take our membership. If I exercise can I eat more chocolate? ;)
On the craft front I have crocheted a few more flowers for my lap blanket. The going is a little slow as I still have tendonitis in my right elbow.
Not entirely sure where I am going with this blanket. Originally it was going to be rectangular, but now I am thinking of turning it into a hexagon, with these motifs in the centre and a firmer border around them, otherwise I am worried that they will not perform well as a blanket. I need to decide how to work a border around the wavy edge of the motifs without spoiling their shape. Any suggestions please?

Saturday, 4 September 2010

August 2010

In the August garden the autumnal reds, yellows and oranges have gradually taken over from the softer pinks, purples and blues.
My white agapanthus has put on a spectacular show.

I have moved the blue agapanthus to a sunnier position as it has yet to flower.

Out and about the meadowland has been full of butterflies.
In the hedgerows the blackberries are ripening,
as are the sloes on the blackthorn.
August this year was the coldest in England for 20 years with a quarter less sunshine than normal and with a lot of rain. Hopefully September will be an improvement!