Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Knitting and Kittens

My Husband often cheeks me by saying my head is full of knitting and kittens ... apparently he was right! ;)
Meet Pearl Kitten 
 I couldn't resist this Alan Dart pattern in a recent magazine.
 And to celebrate International Yarn Bombing Week I made this little kitten too.
Just don't tell my Husband he was right! :)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Mine and My Boy's Birthdays

Last week it was mine and my Son's birthdays - the Geminis of the family.
I had some lovely cards.
 My love of cats is well known; although I am going to have to have a word with my BF over that middle card! :)
 My Mum baked a birthday cake for me
 and my Husband surprised me with a bunch of roses.
 This iPad case was from Jay.
Next it was a special birthday for Jay.  I baked three fruitcakes - his favourite.
I also baked some lemon cupcakes and deorated them with pirates and skull and crossbones,
because you are never too old for that sort of thing! :)
 Balloons were blown up in readiness.
On the day Jay had his final A-level exam so there was no time for the opening of cards in the morning.

After lunch he opened his cards

 and presents, larking around as usual! :)

 My parents came to stay for a few days and we had a celebratory meal of Beef Wellington and birthday cake,
with Procecco as a nod to Jay's upcoming birthday treat - a week in Venice.
The candles were lit
and blown out.
At the weekend Fay came home and we went out to lunch with both sets of Grandparents.
The first legal pint - local scrumpy.
Cheers Nan!
The restaurant was once a mill.

My Mum and Dad
and later caught holding hands under the table - still romantic.
Father and Son.
Lovely views of the mill pond from inside the resaurant.

Me and my babies - 21 :: !! :: 18
Happy Birthday
Just one more birthday to go.

Days 164 to 174

I'm getting up-to-date with the posting of my 365 photos!  I have been rather busy with extra hours at work and with being in the middle of our birthday season here.
Day 164 of 365
At home, making more Creepy House displays for the school library.
Day 165 of 365
The first of the new season strawberries from the new allotment.
Day 166 of 365
More yarn bombing!
Day 167 of 365
Father's Day - inside the Boss card it says " ...just don't forget to give it back to Mum tomorrow!"  :)
Day 168 of 365
Gardening in the evening whilst being watched over by Axl, the cat from next door.
Day 169 of 365
Gardening the next evening, this time being watched by Ella.  I'm loving these warmer, lighter evenings.
Day 170 of 365
Some of my birthday cards, sitting on top of the cabinet in our living-room.
Day 171 of 365
A special card for my not-so-little boy.
Day 172 of 365
Some of the yarn bombing in town - not guilty this time!
Day 173 of 365
Out to lunch with family to celebrate my baby boy turning 18.
Day 174 of 365
A bunch of Sweet Williams, from the allotment, on the kitchen window sill.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Alençon Lace

Last week I took a trip to a local museum to see the Alençon Lace Exhibition.  The lace was exquisite and I was lucky enough to have the exhibition all to myself.  I spent a lot of time taking in the detail of the lace and of course taking lots of photos.  Alençon Lace is a needle lace - it is comprised of minuet stitches, similar to blanket stitch and of tiny picots.  Unsurprisingly, the apprenticeship to master Alençon Lace-making takes 7 to 10 years.  These are some of the photos I took, but they don't do justice to the beauty of the lace.
Top Left - Back of Cap :: Top Right - Piece of 18th C work (Louis 16th),
Bottom Left - 18th C Flounce - Pattern of Cherries :: Bottom Right - 2nd middle of 18th C
 Garlands of Flowers
Top ::  Alençon Lace Cuffs
Bottom ::  Alençon Lace Collar
 Venetian Lace Collar - Rose Point 18thC
 Alençon Lace Medallions
 Top ::  Alençon Lace Collar
Bottom :: Alençon Lace Collar patterned with a necklace of pearls and garlands of flowers
 Pair of Alençon Lace Cuffs - Mosaic and Forget-me-not decoration
Flounce in Alençon Lace
 Flounce in Venetian Lace 17th C
 Alençon Lace Flounce with Forget-me-not decoration
Top left :: Display of Alençon Lace Lappets - Top Right :: 18th C Flounce patterned with scallops
Middle Left :: 18thC (Louis 15th) - Middle right :: 18th C Flounce (Louis 15th)
Middle Left :: Lappet Louis 16th Style - Middle Right :: Lappet Louis 16th Style
Bottom Left :: Lappet patterned with flower boughs - Bottom Right :: Lappet patterned with flower boughs
 Table Mat with Corners in Alençon Lace
Alençon Lace
 Alençon Lace Lappets - Louis 16th Style - 19th C
 Two Modesty Panels in Alençon Lace with Lily of the Valley decoration
Pair of Cuffs in Alençon Lace
Plate Mat in Alençon Lace - Wheat, Roses and Grapes Pattern

Alençon Lace Square - Rare Style
Alençon Lace Frill in the style of Napoléon III - 19th C
Equipment used to make Alençon Lace

I used to make Bobbin Lace, so I found the exhibition fascinating.  It has inspired me to get my pillow and bobbins out soon, but at the moment life is very hectic.  Roll on the summer holidays!