Friday, 30 April 2010

April 2010

April is a month full of promise.
The bluebells begin to carpet the woodlands.
The wood anemones flower amongst the bluebells.
The trees and hedgerows are covered in blossom.
I'm looking forward to the sloes, blackberries and wild plums.
And the understory is beginning to unfurl.

I have seen Peacock, Orange Tip and Speckled Wood butterflies whilst out on my morning walks and at home the Blue Tits are once again nesting in our porch.

April in the Garden

April is such a lovely month in the gardening calendar and this April has been exceptionally warm and dry.

The third and final tree in our front garden is now in blossom.

And the wisteria is once again in flower and scenting the patio.

Another favourite of mine is this snowball bush, it always reminds me of my Nana's garden.
White and snakeshead fritillaries.
The first of the hardy geraniums is in flower.
Pheasant's Eye Narcissus
"Queen of the Night" Tulip.
The lilac is in bloom, so it must soon be my daughter's birthday. I always associate lilac with her birth, because there were a row of lilac trees in flower outside of the hospital window.
My garden is full of Forget-Me-Not that is creating a haze of pale blue over the garden.
I have been busy sowing seeds in my greenhouse and have planted up 3 of my hanging baskets with plug plants. I am keeping them in the greenhouse until the frosts have passed. My greenhouse isn't heated so each evening I cover my plants with bubble wrap.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back to the Normal Routine

The Easter holidays are over and we are slowly getting back into our normal routine.

I have been knitting and have made some crocheted letters. This one is for a friend along with the mug that I couldn't resist buying for her!

The garden was in full bloom when we returned from Norfolk. I always look forward to seeing my garden after I have been away, so much can change even in just a week.

On Saturday we went to RHS Wisley to see the spring flowers.
The displays of daffodils and tulips were magnificent.
I love this colour combination.
My son sitting amongst the daffodils. I have a photo of him at Kew, aged about 8 months, sitting amongst the daffodils there, so I persuaded him to pose for another daffodil photo, 14 years on.
The blossom trees were beautiful.

Magnolia stellata - Jane Platt
Magnolia cylindrica x. M. Campbellii - Darjeeling
Prunus amygdalopersica - Ingrid
Prunus - Taihaku
Jay said these smelt like Fanta!
The meadow was carpeted in dainty narcissus.
Mother and son on the rockery.
Jay found Sunny at the top of the rockery again.
And I found this pretty Auricula to take home!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Gone to Norfolk

Hope you all had a Happy Easter.

After the Easter weekend we went to Norfolk for the remainder of the week.

We spent some time in Norwich, hunting in antique shops and revisiting favourite places.

Looking down Elm Hill.

Looking up Elm Hill.

City Hall Clock Tower.

The Royal Arcade.

Castle Meadow end of Royal Arcade.

Norwich Castle.

Castle Gardens.

I have memories from when I was a little girl, of eating sandwiches in these gardens and feeding crumbs to the sparrows, whilst on shopping trips with my Mum.

One of the plaques in the Castle Gardens.

Another day we wandered around the antique shops in Holt.
The weather was so lovely we had a picnic.

After our picnic we drove to Sheringham where we had ice-creams! The weather was the warmest I had experienced in Sheringham.

We sat and enjoyed the sunshine.

My daughter.

My son sunbathing in April, it was 15'C.

Another day we had a picnic in Earlham Park,

before visiting an Art Nouveau Exhibition at the UEA Sainsbury Centre. Art Nouveau is a favourite style of mine and my daughter's so we couldn't miss the opportunity to see the Anderson Collection.

Tiffany vase and powder box.

Austrian/German Vases.

Glass and Silver Vase by Loetz.

Vase by Daum Frebes.

Desk by Louis Majorelle, lamps by Albert Cheuret and frame by W A Bolin.


There was also a display of exquisite jewellery, unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph it. I particularly liked the dragonfly and orchid pieces.

Whilst in Holt I bought these pieces of early 19th Century Chandelier Glass. I plan to turn them into jewellery.

And my husband bought this Art Deco brooch that I admired, from an antique stall at the Norwich library.

I also fed my craft addiction and bought these:-


and Leanika Fabric plus trimmings from Jarrolds in Norwich.

Fat Quarters from Sew Simple at Taverham.

Also, from John Lewis in Norwich, some Rowan Wool Cotton for a crochet flower blanket that I am planning.

Finally I couldn't resist this, from Holt -

Gone to Norfolk.

Sadly, I probably won't be back there until the summer holidays.