Sunday, 29 March 2009

March Flowers

British Summer Time begins, the clocks have gone forward an hour today.
Spring is definitely in the air, there are lots of Blue Tits and Great Tits in the garden and more flowers are blooming. I finally got round to sowing some seeds and the tomato and courgette seedlings are up already.
The blossom on the Purple-leaved Plum is looking glorious, a beautiful sight that greets me each morning, when I open the bedroom curtains.
I have been busy making items for Pixiedust's Easter/Spring Swap. Sarah your items will be in the post tomorrow, I had fun making them and I hope you like them.
Best wishes, Pj x

Monday, 23 March 2009

A Happy Mother's Day

Why is it that as soon as I put some fabric on the floor, that a cat has to sit on it?
My Mum had previously mentioned that she would like a full length apron, so I made one for her as part of her Mother's Day gift. Sorry Mum, Maurice decided he liked the fabric and had a wash on it!
The completed apron, in my Mum's favourite colour, green and trimmed in my favourite colour, blue.
Beautiful flowers and cards from my children.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring is in the Air

The pond is full of frogspawn again,
the catkins and pussy willow are blooming,

fungi are growing on the tree stumps,

primroses and wood anenomes are flowering,
wild garlic is on the menu again,
and the sun is shining.

On Sunday we walked through woodland and admired the sculptures there.

Just behind our garden fence we meet two deer that risked running past us. What a treat to be so close to them.

The wild cherry plum is blossoming. We are hoping for some fruit this year. 2007 there was a bumper crop, but no fruit last year.

The butterflies are enjoying the spring sunshine. There have been Brimstones, Commas and Peacock butterflies in our garden this weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

All My Own Work

I'm not a "helpless female", but flat-packs are usually my husband's domain. So, when I announced that I would be assembling this chest of drawers, my husband looked worried! He then looked surprised when I successfully painted and built my first flat-pack! Needless to say I had a few words to say to him! ;)

I am very pleased with how a lick of paint has transformed this very cheap piece of furniture from Ikea and I now have somewhere to store my scrapbook-making stash.

The daffodils are my first harvest of the year from the allotment.

These are the dolls clothes that I have been knitting for a niece. I am now making items for a spring swap and I will also be making an apron for Mum with this material.
I now have a confession to make - I know I said that I wasn't going to buy anything new to craft with, but I have decided to make an appliqued wall-hanging and these fat quarters just fell into my basket! Ooops! ;)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

February Flowers

Finally the snow melted and the garden has started to bloom.

I've emptied the contents of our two compost bins over the garden. Lots of green shoots are appearing and growing rapidly now that the days are warmer and longer.
Indoors the hyacinths are a very pretty shade of pink. They were meant to be BLUE!
Never mind they smell divine.
I finally completed another WIP. This flower I had knitted and fulled quite some time ago and I have now embellished it and sewn a brooch bar onto the back.
I have also been busy knitting a doll's jacket and shawl for a birthday present. I have lots more crafting planned as I have just signed-up to Pixie's Easter/spring swap. I guess I had better get cracking then!