Wednesday, 4 March 2009

February Flowers

Finally the snow melted and the garden has started to bloom.

I've emptied the contents of our two compost bins over the garden. Lots of green shoots are appearing and growing rapidly now that the days are warmer and longer.
Indoors the hyacinths are a very pretty shade of pink. They were meant to be BLUE!
Never mind they smell divine.
I finally completed another WIP. This flower I had knitted and fulled quite some time ago and I have now embellished it and sewn a brooch bar onto the back.
I have also been busy knitting a doll's jacket and shawl for a birthday present. I have lots more crafting planned as I have just signed-up to Pixie's Easter/spring swap. I guess I had better get cracking then!


aromatic said...

Beautiful floral photographs... and love the knitted and embellished flower... you are such a clever lady!!
Love Jane xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Aromatic, the flower is very simple to do. It's lovely to hear from you, best wishes, Pj x