Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Busy Couple of weeks

Sorry for the break in posting, things have been a little busy here recently. My husband hasn't been too well recently and I am his chauffeur for a month as he has been advised not to drive. There have been hospital appointments but no results as yet. That's the bad news over, now onto happier items, starting with cakes ...

Jay the chef with his yummy Swiss roll.

Fay was 17 last week and I made 17 individual fruit cakes. I try to think of something different each year for the birthday cakes and after 17 years I'm running out of ideas!
Fay and her boyfriend with the cakes.

Her main present was the Troll bead necklace that she is wearing in the previous photo. With some of her birthday money she bought Guitar Hero 3 and is practicing lots so she can beat the boyfriend on it next time they play!!

Jay has also been having a go.

For myself it has been a time of extreme low and then highs. After the initial worry over my OH, I have then been on a high. Firstly, the people I work with bought this lovely bouquet for me to say thank you for the extra work I have been doing. The lilies smell divine.
Secondly, for the first time ever, I am getting a brand new car. I have always been Second-hand Rose and driven other family members old cars and have been very happy with them, but my Ancient Astra is on its last legs and my OH said he preferred to buy a new car for me. I am so excited - I bet you never guessed! ;) I have been thoroughly spoilt! And the reason ... we have just ordered a Mini!! I've just got 2 long months to wait for it!
All the excitement hasn't fazed this cat! Ella has been sleeping and sunbathing as purr usual.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've missed you and it's lovely to see a new post from you. :) I hope hubby is going to be okay now ***hugs***

There is a beautiful fluffy tummy there just waiting to be tickled! :)

And what gorgeous cakes! They look so very good.

xxx Mara

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Mara, Great to hear from you. We are still waiting to hear OH's results, he has another appointment next week, so finger's crossed for then. I'll give Ella's tummy a tickle from you - she loves having her tummy rubbed.
Best wishes, Pj x

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, those cakes look fab :)
Sorry that your OH has been poorly, hope he recovers soon, and hasn't your son grown!

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing

Kim x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kim, yes Jay has suddenly sprouted skywards. He is now 179cm and enjoys being taller than me! Best wishes, Pj x