Saturday, 12 December 2009


Saturday we visited RHS Wisley to see the Lumiere display.
First we went into the glasshouse and as dusk fell the magic began.

Back outside -

The laboratory and canal.

Colour-changing fountain.

Reflections in dark water.
Light through bamboo.
Illuminated glasshouse.

Trees seen through glass.
Jay all wrapped up.

Back home again to our fairy lights!
I have finally started putting up the Christmas decorations. The tree is just waiting for the starch to dry on the crocheted snowflakes. They were made using the pattern provided by Lucy at Attic24, thank you Lucy. I just have the rest of the house to decorate now!


Rowan said...

I had no idea that Wisley had such a wonderful light show at Christmas, it must have looked quite magical.

aromatic said...

Just breathtaking!! Such beautiful photographs... thanks for sharing!
Love Jane xxx