Friday, 28 May 2010

May 2010

May was almost over before I remembered to take some photos of my walks to work!
The Bluebells have almost faded and have been covered by a mass of green Cleavers, that I remember my Mum calling Sweetheart, as it clings to you.
This month's star has to be the Hawthorn Blossom, known as May Blossom.
This beautiful pink May Blossom is just behind my back garden.
A favourite of mine is the Cow Parsley. I love to pick it for flower arrangements. This also has many other names, but I grew up to know it as Cow Parsley.
This beautifully seeded grass, called Wood Melick, is spreading throughout the copse.
The delicate Wood Avens is in flower. It is a member of the Geum family.
We have also been foraging for Wild Garlic this month, just slightly north of our village. The Wild Mustard is prevalent at the moment, but I find that too bitter for my taste.


Sue said...

My kids call cleavers 'sticky weed'. And I call cow parsley cow parsley too. I love it. i've been taking photos of some near my house today. I might pick a big bunch for the house -or is that illegal these days?

Love the garden photos in your previous post too x


thesnailgarden said...

Hi Sue, lovely to hear from you. I don't think it is illegal to pick cow parsley as I don't believe it is protected. Pj x

Rowan said...

More lovely photos, the hawthorn blossom has been stunning this year hasn't it? I call cleavers 'goose grass', I think it has a lot of country names. My name for cow parsley is Queen Anne's Lace but I think this name is used for various other plants in this family too.

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