Thursday, 16 December 2010

Our Christmas Wreath

2010 has been a good year for holly berries, so I decided to make a holly wreath for our front door. Just to complicate matters, I wanted it to be star-shaped!

This is how to made one:-
Wooden Board
10 Nails
Medium-gauge galvanised wire
Thin-gauge green plastic covered gardening wire
Holly or other greenery
Bendy, woody material eg. honeysuckle, willow, etc.
The first step is to draw around a dinner plate, on a wooden board and to mark the centre. From the centre draw a line to the outer edge, then draw four more lines from the centre to the circumference at 72' intervals. This marks the points of the pentagon. Draw in the pentagon and mark the centre of each line just drawn. Next decide how big the final star is going to be and measure the required length (my line was 25cm) from the centre of the circle, through the mark on the pentagon edge and mark the points of the star. Draw the star outline by joining the star points to the pentagon points. Hammer a nail in at each of these 10 points. Guide the galvanised wire around the outside of the star points and around the inside of the pentagon points. Join the two ends of the wire to form a loop for hanging up the wreath.
Next cover the wire with some woody material (I used some honeysuckle). Starting at the top of the star work down each side, evenly wiring on the holly with the plastic covered wire. Once you reach the bottom points, work from the centre, back down to the points.
Hang up with string.
Beware - your hands will suffer from working with this prickly stuff.


Sue said...

That looks wonderful, very effective. You are lucky to have such berried holly. My bought wreath has about four berries on it. I've been enhancing it with red baubles.

Mac n' Janet said...


thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Sue and Mac n' Janet. I have never seen so many berries on the trees before - I'm surprised that the birds haven't eaten them. Best wishes, Pj x