Monday, 21 February 2011

Danger - Men at Work!

On Friday we had 20 tonnes of soil delivered to our new allotment.
That was a lot of wheelbarrow loads, but my husband was still smiling!
Jay was a big help and worked very hard.
We now have 7 large raised beds and 3 smaller beds filled with soil at the allotment and the flower bed in our front garden has also been filled, as I am redesigning it. I have planted a lavender bush and some daffodils in two of the smaller beds and some rhubarb, foxgloves and other flowers at the far end of the allotment.
By the end of the weekend I had found quite a few previously-under-used muscles!! Thank goodness it is now half-term and I can have a rest! ;)
Best wishes to you all, Pj x

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Mac n' Janet said...

Beautiful soil, you ought to have a wonderful garden!