Monday, 3 October 2011

September 2011 and Photo Scavenger Hunt

Another month has passed and it is time for the monthly mosaics again! September has flown by for me; I have been busy at the allotment weeding, planting, harvesting vegetables, freezing rhubarb and pickling the beetroot. At home I started the month with painting our bedroom and making curtains and after taking part in OhSewBeautiful's Cupcake Swap I have started to knit premature baby clothes for the charity that Jodi supports. "Jay" started college and that meant packed lunches again, which in turn meant lots of baking and I am back at work now that the summer holidays are over.
The garden has continued to look beautiful. At the end of September I started sorting out my hanging baskets and pots ready for their winter flowers and suddenly we are having a heat wave!
I have been a little hit and miss in my photography this month for the Photo Scavenger Hunt that is being hosted by Postcards from the P.P., so I have had to cheat with a couple of them!
1. Back to school
That would be me then!
I'm the only one in the family that goes to school now! ;)
2. The football/soccer season
A football that belongs to my son. You can see that it is hardly used! We aren't really into football.
3. What's in your bag?
The contents of my handbag.
4. Relaxation
A cat, because no one does relaxation like a cat!
5. Harvest
Some beetroot harvested for pickling.
6. A pile of things
A pile of magazines or to be exact a pile of Woman's Weeklys. Ever since my Mum first went out to work she has bought the WW and her sister shared the WWs while they both lived at home. They both married and the WWs travelled between their homes; some returned back to my Mum if she wanted to cut out a recipe or knitting pattern. As I grew up I started reading them at home before they travelled to my Aunt's and since I have been married the magazines have travelled in bulk from my Mum - to my Aunt - and on to me (via my Mum). It has become a family tradition. :)
7. Your desk/workspace
Okay, so this is the cheat! The photo of my desk is the same as the photo for number 1!!
8. A public telephone box
I don't like the modern boxes - "Bring back the old ones" I say! The local telephone box is a modern one, so here is a photo that I took during a visit to London in May 2009.
9. Something taller than you
An autumnal tree in the school grounds. Simply beautiful.
10. Apples
These Bramley apples are growing in my friend's back garden.
11. A road sign
We spotted this road sign whilst on holiday in Turkey this year. It looked like it had been used for target practice!
12. A view from above
Our back garden as seen from "Fay's" bedroom window.
October's list looks like it is going to be fun to photograph:-
  • a black cat
  • candlelit
  • crunchy leaves
  • fog/mist
  • golden
  • graffiti
  • heritage
  • pumpkin
  • river
  • something eerie
  • sunset
  • witch's hat/broomstick


Paula said...

Great pictures all of them especially the something taller than you (beautiful colours)and the public phone boxes. Looking forward to next month's challenge.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos. I love the relaxation one (I wish my car was as clean as that) and the apples.

Louise said...

The autumn tree looks lovely and I love how well cared for the phone boxes are!

Great photos! I found the list really difficult, I wasn't inspired by the items on it, but I got there in the end! I'm glad to have a new list to think about.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

This Scavenger Hunt has made me a serious fan of the the red telephone boxes...which are not found here in the US, of course. Great entries!

Sophie - Country girl said...

Great shot of the 4 phone boxes. I'm looking forward to nect month's challenge.