Wednesday, 18 January 2012

"Old Fogies" ... !!!

On Sunday our Darling Daughter said, "I have told all my friends that I can't believe that the Old Fogies have gone from being 10 years behind technology to the forefront of technology."  Thank you Darling, may I remind you that we are only in our 40s and I will remember your comment for when you are the same age!! :)  The reason for her comment is the new addition to our living-room.  We have gone from this:-
 to this:-
and while she my have a point regarding the technology jump, I am not an old fogy!!
The new TV means a long overdue revamp of the living-room.  The new grey-brown cabinet is from Ikea and we will be adding some more of this range to the room over the coming weeks and I have finally found some curtains I like, to replace the existing ones.  We are keeping some of our pine furniture and mixing it with the new grey-brown cabinets.  I'm not sure how this will work as it is going out of my comfort zone to not have everything matching, but I would like to keep our existing table and glass unit and looking on Blogland it seems to be quite modern to have mismatched furniture.  See, I'm trying not to be an old fogy! :)

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Mac n' Janet said...

We made the move to flat screen tvs too and then had to change what they sat on. Changes for the better I think.