Monday, 2 April 2012

Saturday Morning Baking

On the menu :-
I haven't made these in ages and they are so simple to make.  My son loves profiteroles and he watched me make these; it reminded me of when he was a little boy, as he used to often watch me cooking then.
 Filled with double cream and served with chocolate sauce.
 Coffee Sponge
A recipe from my Mum's Woman's Weekly magazine.
 Filled with coffee buttercream and Autumn Medley Jam (an apple and mixed peel jam made by my Mum), topped with more coffee buttercream, dusted with cocoa powder and decorated with chocolate beans for the "kids" in the family. ;)
 Millionaire's Shortbread
My usual shortbread recipe, but with a twist - the caramel is infused with fresh rosemary and sprinkled with sea salt, before topping with dark chocolate.
 I usually find this shortbread too sweet, but the rosemary and sea salt stopped this from being over sweet.
This week I will be baking for the Easter weekend. Not a good week for my waistline! :) 


Deb Hickman said...

Mmmmm, they all look delicious but I could really go for one of those profiteroles. Have a great Easter holiday, I love the Easter baskets you've made on your previous post. Deb xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Deb. Nearly all of the cakes have gone already! Time to make some new ones for Easter. Pj x