Friday, 29 June 2012

The National Trust

On our way back from Birmingham we stopped off at Packwood House, which is a National Trust property.

First we made our way into the Kitchen Garden.

These pots are cleverly stacked.  My son checked (carefully) to see if they were attached to each other!

 I'd love a Bug Hotel like this one at our allotment.

 We crossed the lane 
 and went into the Main Garden.

 Wow, what a garden with the most beautiful planting combinations!

 I spent a lot of time taking in the details.

Does anyone know the name of this plant please?  We also saw it in Beatrix Potter's garden and I would love to have some in mine as it is so pretty. 

The Sunken Garden was very lovely.

 Up the steps and on either side is a path with the "Hot" Borders.

My husband snapped me as I wondered along the path
to under the arch where he and Jay were sitting waiting for me.

 These roses smelt heavenly.
The steps lead you to the lawns where the topiary is.

There is also a woodland and lakeside walk.  My son climbed onto this felled tree and pretended to be on a catwalk!  I ask you!  Forever the clown! :)

The inside of the house is quite grand and although interesting wasn't to my taste.

 As yet there isn't a tea room at Packwood House, but a couple of miles down the lane is Baddesley Clinton, another National Trust property and it has a restaurant.
After a spot of lunch, we went into the house,

through a beautiful courtyard.
 Entry to the house is timed as it is a smaller property.
 I much preferred this house.

 The Priest Hole, which sadly we couldn't go down.

The gardens were much smaller than at Packwood House.
 There were some gorgeous peonies.

 My son found the resident cat.
 Lovely greenhouse.

 A nod to the Olympics in the Kitchen Garden.
 Then we had the two-hour drive back home, which seemed quite short to me as I fell asleep! :)


Tangled Sweetpea said...

What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing your wonderful images!
Victoria xx

Maria said...

Hello there,
Just catching my breath with this post!
The gardens look wonderful...
Just read your previous post and was delighted you mentioned Birmingham and it's University as that is where my son graduated from last year.
He now lives and works on the campus there...
It's a tense time viewing all the universities,isn't it, so good luck!
And hope all goes well for your boy!
Maria x
Interesting you were up my neck of the woods in the half term too!

thesnailgarden said...

Sorry about the huge amount of photos, I wanted to do justice to the beautiful gardens & houses.
J has his heart set on BCU, so I really hope he gets on the course he has choosen.
Best wishes, Pj x

Clematis Crazy said...

What lovely photos, a beautiful place :)

The plant is Thalictrum Aquilegifolium or 'Meadow Rue' and has aquilegia type leaves :)

Good luck to your son


Katie said...

Thanks for taking us on a walk with you PJ. I have never visited these houses before and it's lovely to have a nosey! Love Katie xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you so much for the name. I had noticed the aquilegia type leaves and had looked in one of our local garden centres, but without the name I couldn't ask about it.