Saturday, 18 April 2015

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As someone who loves to craft I like to try my hand at different techniques, so when Kemper of Junk Yarn set a "never have I ever" challenge I decided it was about time I attempted to knit some socks.  Gauging the size has previously put me off knitting socks so I thought that a toe-up design would possibly solve that issue.  I'm very sensitive to anything rough or lumpy against my skin, so I searched online and discovered the seam-free Turkish cast on.  It's fantastic!  So easy and totally smooth!
I have knitted a rounded toe.
I kept trying it on, until I felt there were enough stitches for a good fit.
I then looked at so many stitch patterns and tried to work out what would be the most suitable.  Eventually I settled on Saba's Slip Stitch Lines design.  Unfortunately this is as far as I have got with my socks as I am easily distracted! :)
Whilst in Norwich I bought some Merino tops and hand-dyed silk for spinning.
I am trying to spin a fingering weight yarn, adding the silk to create highlights of colour throughout the yarn.
 Originally I was going to spin the purple and pink together with the purple silk and create a separate yarn with the blue and white, with some blue silk.  Now I am wondering about spinning all of the colours as one skein, with just the purple silk running throughout.  Maybe in stripes that blend into each other?  I'm thinking it could then be a shawl.  I should say that I have no idea what I am doing and that this is a total experiment!  I think it is the colour combinations that draw me to spinning.  
I have worked a little more on my friend's birthday shawl and I have just started the pattern rows.  I find that I can't always work on this, as my hands are sometimes very dry from gardening and housework and the silk catches very easily on any roughness.
Previously I had crocheted this cup cosy as part of Dani's Cosy Cup Swap.  My partner has now received her gifts so I can share this with you.  It is made from Cascade 220, using star stitch and the button was from my Nana's button tin.
This is what I sent to Mikki.
I crafted a progress keeper and some stitch markers for my swap partner and I also made a set for myself.
These are the lovely cosies that Mikki knitted for me and she also included some sweets, teas and stitch markers in her parcel.  Her sweet 80 year old mum made one of the stitch markers - that is so special!
Having a pair of socks and a shawl to complete, plus a few older WIPs, you would think that I had enough to do, wouldn't you?  But no, I was tempted by a CAL hosted by Dani and Tilly.  They are both making Sandra's Weekender Blanket and as I had this yarn languishing in my stash I had to join in!
 I'm crocheting a Granny's Garden Blanket
 using Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK.  Some of the colours are discontinued so I am playing yarn chicken and I think I may be losing! This will be a lap blanket due to the amount yarn I have.
So I have plenty to keep me busy and also lots of other projects are in the pipeline; possibly more projects than I will ever have time for, but never say never! :)

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Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

My goodness you have been busy! The swap goodies look brilliant (I do love a swap!). I love the blanket's colours, they contrast perfectly. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Take care xx