Thursday, 11 June 2015

Late Spring ...

... In Our Garden and Allotment
Every day I am drawn into the garden to admire the newly opened flowers and I have taken many photos, but I haven't gotten around to posting them.  So here is a quick catch up of what was happening in our garden and  at our allotment during May.
The viburnum opulus, or snowball bush, bloomed profusely this year.

 The May garden was awash with blue forget-me-nots, much loved by the butterflies.

The wisteria put on an amazing display again this year.

As the month progressed more and more flowers bloomed.

I planted up my hanging baskets and pots on the patio,

including my homegrown sweet peas.
In the greenhouse I grew lots of vegetables and flowers from seed,

many of which have now been planted at the allotment.
This has made space for the tomato plants that were growing indoors.

 I was busy at the allotment, planting out
and sowing seeds.
Everything grows quickly during May, including the weeds!
We are now harvesting the lettuces.
 I made a new friend there.

 I picked lots of sprouting broccoli for our evening meals.
Our son helped me with some of the digging.
I also planted runner beans,
courgettes and dwarf beans.
The potatoes I am growing in an old water butt have sprouted and been topped up with compost.
 The forget-me-nots were taking over the allotment too!
 The birds have been very busy in and around the garden,
building nests
and raising their young

All whilst keeping an eye on the cats!
Although Maurice seemed more interested in tanning his white bits! :)
This little blue tit fell out of the nest.  Luckily I found him and was able to return him to his family.
By the end of may the garden had exploded with flowers and not a patch of soil was to be seen!
Just how I like it! :)


Jane said...

Lovely photos, your garden and your allotment both look amazing. I love the viburnum, I have one of these but it's struggled to get going and I'm hoping it will take off soon. Maurice looks like one chilled out cat :o) Have a great weekend. Jane xx

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Jane, I don't know how big your viburnum is, but pruning soon after flowering really helps to encourage new growth & lots of snowballs the following year. x