Thursday, 10 September 2015

Finished Objects

Last week I finally managed to find the floor space to block my Silver Lining Shawl. I had to wait for my daughter to visit her boyfriend for the week so that I could use her bedroom floor as this shawl is huge!
The pattern is Alicia Plummer's Thunderstorm MKAL and I have knitted it using Selkino by The Skein Queen. It is lovely and soft!  I have the same yarn in gold for another shawl.
This MKAL was a pleasure to knit.  I added a few extra rows, which I have detailed on my Ravelry project page and I added some drop shaped beads to the edge.
My next finished object is a Dottie Angel dress.
This is the first time that I have made a garment for myself in a very long while!
I had a few issues with the pattern. The armholes were huge!  Luckily I noticed this when I started machine stitching, but I still needed to hand stitch them smaller.  Also the ties were on my bust and needed to be lower.  This might be a problem with my figure and not the pattern! :) I added tucks to the back to match the front and the dress fits well.
At the moment I am stitching an Artisan Apron by Janet Clare and I still need to complete my Low Tide Cardi by Tin Can Knits, but I've fallen a little out of love with that knit as I am unsure of the fit, even though I swatched.
Next up is another Dottie Angel garment; this time a tunic.  I am making it as part of a craft along organised by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade and I am about to cast on another shawl designed by Helen.  This is a MKAL called Summertide, which starts today. I have been very indecisive over my choice of yarns, but have almost reached a decision.  Almost! :) I'm going with the pink and brown in this photo as they remind me of faded roses, which I think is appropriate for summer's tide.


Crafty in the Med said...

Impressive!!! It looks really stylish...just the right time for a shawl like this. Is it for yourself?

Faded roses ...great description and and wonderful blend of colours!!

keep well

Amanda :-)

Stasher said...

What a lovely shawl. They are really great to knit, and to wear. The dress looks quite charming to those skeins of yarn..well envy is a sin, so I shall say admiring instead!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Amanda, lovely to hear from you again. Yes, this shawl is for me. Stasher, this yarn is gorgeous! I can throughly recommend Skein Queen yarn as it feels so soft and the co,ours are amazing! x