Friday, 23 October 2015

Eltham Palace

Earlier this month, my husband and I visited Eltham Palace at Greenwich, London.  The house is a beautiful 1930's Art Deco mansion attached to a medieval hall.
This was the home of millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld.

For me the most stunning part of the house was the Art Deco entrance hall.

We started our tour of the house upstairs.  The first room was a guest room, complete with wall clock so you didn't miss the cocktails served in the entrance hall!
Virginia Courtauld's bedroom
 and opulent bathroom.
Stephen Courtauld's bedroom and bathroom.
They had a pet ring-tailed lemur, called Jonggy, who had the run of the house.
Virginia's nephews lived with them.  They had adjoining rooms with the only shower in the house ... cold water only!
 We then walked out onto the minstrels' gallery, looking over the great hall.  The gallery was added by the Courtaulds.
 The great hall was once part of a medieval palace.

 Next we went back downstairs.
The dining room.
 The drawing room.
 The boudoir.

The library.
 Down in the basement.
 Before going into the garden we walked through the great hall.

 First we walked around the outside of the house.

Then we went through a tunnel in the ramparts to the garden below.

 And that was the end of our time at this lovely house.

 So it's goodbye from me ...
 ... and goodbye from him! :)

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