Saturday, 7 November 2015


Our Halloween celebrations are rather low key now that our children have grown up.  I still carve a couple of our homegrown pumpkins.  I was a bit rushed this year and designed my own owl and copied a kitty idea from online.
I was rushed because our village held its firework display on the 31st October this year and we always go to watch this amazing display.

During the day I was finishing off my Dottie Angel tunic as part of Curious Handmade's Wardrobe Challenge.
It's all about the pockets ... right?!
I wanted to use this cat material for the pockets and chose the main fabric to match it colourwise.  I asked my son if I was too old for cats on my pockets and his reply was that it was okay because I'm a crazy cat lady! :)


Stasher said...

The owl pumpkin is quite something...must have taken you ages. I too love joining in with the Halloween thing...I love the little children who visit, and make an effort to try something new in the offerings: biscuits, buns etc.

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you. The owl is really a lot simpler than it looks. Px