Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My Computer has Died!

So while I am waiting for a new one, I'm going to attempt to post using the app on my iPad.
The summer has now ended and the mornings and evenings are now rather chilly here.  We have had a lot of rain recently,
which has been quite good for the plants growing at the allotment.
The sprouts and cabbages are growing strong.

We are still picking runner beans
And harvesting carrots and beetroot.

We also have some flowers growing at the allotment and I enjoy making posies for the table with them.

Back in the garden at home my sunflowers have grown to nearly 10' this year!
We have had some delicious tomatoes from the greenhouse and some rather hot chillies!
There won't be too many more tomatoes from the greenhouse now that the days are getting shorter.  Soon we will be planting garlic at the allotment for next year's harvest!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Finished Objects

Last week I finally managed to find the floor space to block my Silver Lining Shawl. I had to wait for my daughter to visit her boyfriend for the week so that I could use her bedroom floor as this shawl is huge!
The pattern is Alicia Plummer's Thunderstorm MKAL and I have knitted it using Selkino by The Skein Queen. It is lovely and soft!  I have the same yarn in gold for another shawl.
This MKAL was a pleasure to knit.  I added a few extra rows, which I have detailed on my Ravelry project page and I added some drop shaped beads to the edge.
My next finished object is a Dottie Angel dress.
This is the first time that I have made a garment for myself in a very long while!
I had a few issues with the pattern. The armholes were huge!  Luckily I noticed this when I started machine stitching, but I still needed to hand stitch them smaller.  Also the ties were on my bust and needed to be lower.  This might be a problem with my figure and not the pattern! :) I added tucks to the back to match the front and the dress fits well.
At the moment I am stitching an Artisan Apron by Janet Clare and I still need to complete my Low Tide Cardi by Tin Can Knits, but I've fallen a little out of love with that knit as I am unsure of the fit, even though I swatched.
Next up is another Dottie Angel garment; this time a tunic.  I am making it as part of a craft along organised by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade and I am about to cast on another shawl designed by Helen.  This is a MKAL called Summertide, which starts today. I have been very indecisive over my choice of yarns, but have almost reached a decision.  Almost! :) I'm going with the pink and brown in this photo as they remind me of faded roses, which I think is appropriate for summer's tide.