Friday, 13 May 2016

In the Garden

Even though the weather has been swinging from one extreme to the other this spring, the flowers have still put on a good show in the garden.

The tulips looked lovely during April.
My favourite ones are Queen of the Night.

In the patio pots I grew some bellis
and wallflowers for springtime.
As we moved into May the hardy geraniums started to bloom.  These are much loved by the bees.

The forget-me-nots are in flower at the moment.
I like to grow native wildflowers in our garden.

The poppies are starting to bloom; a flash of orange to contrast with the blue of the forget-me-nots and the purple of the geraniums.

The wisteria is looking and smelling beautiful at this time.

At the weekend we bought two water troughs, which we have turned into planters.
I have sprayed them a pale blue and they now sit at one end of our patio, behind the garage waiting to be filled with soil.
Other new additions to the garden are these birdcages that will sit on the patio table when I have planted them up.
I found some lovely hydrangeas in Lidl at a reasonable price, which I shall pot up too.
The first week of May the lilac is always in bloom beside the greenhouse.
It's all going on in the greenhouse!  Lots of vegetable seedlings ready for the allotment and tomato plants to stay in here.

In April I started planting at the newer allotment
I have a lot more to do and I'm a little behind this year with having been away and the colder weather has delayed things.
I discovered this chrysalis on one of the raised beds.  I wonder who is inside it?

At the weekend we had our first BBQ of the year to celebrate M's birthday.
There was steak and ribs for the carnivores and chickpea burgers for me, all with roast vegetables and halloumi flavoured with chilli.
Of course there was also cake! :)

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Jane said...

Oh that blossom! Your garden is lovely - May is just the best time isn't it? Happy birthday to M and have a great week. Jane x