Thursday, 15 September 2016

Trip to Lincoln - The Castle

I have been neglecting my blog ... again! So I am going to try to catch up this week, starting with our trip to Lincoln towards the end of August.

My husband had a business trip to the area and planned to stay overnight in Lincoln, so I gatecrashed his trip! :)  He dropped me off in the historic quarter and I decided to first walk down the very,
very steep hill to the modern town centre.

By the time I had reached the bottom of that hill ...
refreshment was called for!
The only problem with walking down the hill, was that I had to climb back up it! :)
At the top of the hill is the cathedral

and the castle, which was my destination.
I started my visit with a walk along the top of the castle walls.
Amazing view of the cathedral!

Within the castle walls are a Georgian goal and the current courthouse.
Continuing around the walls I looked into Cobb Hall.  From the roof of this tower in the walls, condemned prisons were hanged.

The prisoners' graffiti can still be seen carved into the stone.
Westgate water tower.
Flowing down from one part of the walls was an art installation of poppies to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

The final part of the walls to discover was the observatory tower.
There was a very narrow staircase to climb to the top!
It was worth it for the views.

I then walked to see the Poppy Wave from ground level.

Next I went into the prison.  I found the chapel very spooky!
Those wax prisoners freaked me out a little!
In a vault there is one of the four remaining Magna Cartas.  Photos of the document aren't allowed, so this is a photo of the wall next to the vault, which is inscribed with part of the text.
In the women's section of the prison,
knitting was considered a useful occupation during Victorian times.
I then walked around the men's side of the prison. Overcrowding meant that the system of separating the prisoners was soon abandoned.
Leaving the castle I decided that it was time for an ice cream from this old-fashioned parlour.
By now my feet were aching, so with my ice cream I walked around the cathedral, towards the hotel.

Beside the hotel are the ruins of the Roman east gate.

It was good to side down with some coffee, whilst I waited for my husband to finish work.

In the evening we walked again!

Our destination was the Brayford Waterfront, England's oldest inland harbour, where we stopped to eat.

Of course being down by the river meant that we had that hill to climb again!  We passed some interesting signs on our way.

The cathedral looked spectacular at night!

Our hotel was beside the cathedral and as we headed towards it we couldn't resist playing with our shadows! :)


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