Friday, 30 December 2016

Winter Celebrations of Light

Mid December my husband and I visited RHS Wisley for a magical wander around the gardens after dark.
I say magical, because the gardens had been 'planted' with gigantic, illuminated flowers

which we discovered as we followed the trail of fairy lights.

Many trees were lit up and huge waterlilies floated in the ponds, creating beautiful reflections in the water.

The glasshouse was adorned within with many lights.

Back outside we followed the fairy lights

to the pagoda.

These flowers were interactive

and we pressed buttons to change their colour.

It was such a special evening.

On the day of the winter solstice we were up early and headed to Stonehenge.

This has become a family tradition and I feel that it is the start of Christmas for us.

It is always busy, but with a very friendly atmosphere.

It was cloudy again this year so this was all we saw of the sun at sunrise.

Some people celebrate with music
while others sit and meditate.
We finally saw the sun at 9:30 as we headed back towards the car.

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