Thursday, 22 February 2018

February Happenings

The weather has been mixed this month, sometimes quite chilly and at other times very mild.
The birds have been glad of the seeds, peanuts and fat balls that I put out for them.

This cheeky bullfinch decided he preferred the blossom buds on the plum tree!
One Sunday afternoon was particularly warm, so I took the opportunity to tidy up the newer allotment.
I planted some soft neck garlic.  Usually I plant the hard neck variety at the beginning of winter, but I couldn't get any at the garden centre last year.
The over-wintering onions are growing.
I harvested some cavolo nero
and the last of our Romanesco broccoli and red cabbages.
It was warm enough to bring this ladybird out from hibernation.
Another day my husband and I went for a walk to see the snowdrops again.
This is the best they have been since the new houses were built nearby.
We met a man who was cutting back the undergrowth to allow more light in to promote more flowers.
Mid month and time to photograph the oak again.
The tips of the branches are covered in tiny buds,
whilst the older branches are covered in lichens.

A spot of lunch and some shopping in a local town.  We were mainly shopping for a new oven as ours is on the way out.

I recently went to Unravel at Farnham Maltings with a friend.
I don't know what happened, but I only bought some wool wash and a pompom! No Yarn!?!  Probably because I am saving myself for Edinburgh Yarn Festival next month. :)

A little treat arrived in the post for me, beautifully wrapped.
I had ordered three brooches from Nastia Sleptova
I love these little house brooches

and couldn't resist this jumper brooch either.

I still have some lovely hearts and flowers progress keepers and stitch markers in my Etsy shop Eva Faith.
I also added some sachets filled with organically, homegrown lavender.
On the making front, I also have decided to start journalling again.  This page was inspired by a quilt I admired at the Quilters' Fair I visited in January.

I am also attempting to gain control of my many outstanding WIPs this year! My first finished object is also my first pair of socks.  This pretty 'Twas the Night Before Christmas pattern is by Dani.
I have also completed by Land of Sweets Cowl by Helen and matching mitts.  I'm hoping to block all these before the end of the month.
Currently I'm knitting my Surprise Party Shawl, also by Helen.  I have slightly adapted the design to use just three colours of yarn as I am stash-busting.
I'm trying very hard not to cast anything new on or start any other new projects, but I am going to a sewing workshop at the weekend, so I guess I'll have another project on the go! ;)

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