Monday, 28 January 2008

Sunshine, Flowers & Wool

The glorious sunshine of the weekend has encouraged more flowers to bloom including the first purple crocus and a bergenia. Also this pot is looking very pretty. Whilst being "mum the taxi service" this weekend I found time to drop into the wool shop! I couldn't resist the fancy yarns in the sale recently, so I had to go back and buy the mohair wool to add to the boa yarn!! I started knitting a hat for myself, matching gloves and scarf to follow. The blue ribbon yarn will be another scarf, I've previously knitted scarves for friends and family in different colours using this yarn, I've realised that most of my knitting is for other people so this one is for me. The black sparkly kidsilk is for my daughter's wrap to match her cocktail dress that we bought in the sales ready for the leavers' ball in June.

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