Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Day in the Garden

Yesterday was perfect gardening weather, neither too hot nor too cold. I spent most of the day dead-heading, cutting the lawn and general tidying-up.

The cats enjoyed a mad half-hour in the garden too.

The plants in the greenhouse are doing well.

I hope that these Brandywine tomatoes ripen before we go away on our holiday.

The Large Whites were laying single eggs on individual nasturtium leaves.

It will be interesting to watch these develop. I know that the little green caterpillars will munch their way through my leaves, but everything else does so they might as well join in!! It's all part of gardening organically and I think the garden would be a barren place without the insects.
It's good to see the Bumblebees on the lavender. Later I was gardening at my friend's. She is on holiday so I am watering her gardening and keeping it tidy.

On the knitting front I have finished my Mum's beaded bag.

These two bags I had previously knitted and are ready to be posted to France for Amelie and Celine's birthdays.


Kim said...

Lovely photos, and both my daughter and I LOVE the knitted bags :) They are beautiful.

Kim x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Kim, the bags are really quick and easy to knit - you may have noticed that I have one on my CL avatar.

Best wishes Pj xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! These bags are so beautiful!

Is the pattern from a book? Could you let me know as I'd love to have a go with these.


thesnailgarden said...

Hi Mara, I've just returned from our holiday and noticed your comment. Of course you can have the pattern, I'll sort it out for you soon.

Pj xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I have finally, finally, finally knitted one of these! I only bought half the amount of beads at the craft shop and they have taken WEEKS to get more in, as they had run out when I went back to get more.

I'll post piccies soon; meanwhile mum has -hurrah- got her mum's day pressie in time!