Monday, 7 July 2008

Halfway through July already!

Where has the time gone? I know that I have been spending a lot of time picking raspberries and blackcurrants at the allotment.

Also we have a bumper crop of lettuce. The courgettes are in full swing. Usually I use the courgettes to make ratatouille or I roast them with onions and peppers, the latter has resulted in a few complaints from Fay, so I decided to grate some courgettes raw and serve as a salad and discovered that the children love them like this - result!

These poppies seed themselves everywhere at the allotment. Does anyone know, can I save the seeds for baking purposes?

The roses in the garden have been beautiful this year.

"The Fairy" flowering her heart out.

I wish you could smell "Blue Moon".
The slugs and snails missed this phlox!

Lavender "Melissa Lilac"

I started making lavender bottles last week but it has rained everyday since then so I haven't been able to make any more. In 24 hours we had this much rain...

Overflowing candle holders!
The cats, being cats, managed to catch a few rays at the end of one day!


This Skipper butterfly also warmed her wings on a leaf on the lawn.

A Yellow Shell moth.
Sadly all the rain meant that the Air Tattoo at Fairford was cancelled this weekend. Jay had been given tickets and we had planned to go on Sunday.
Definitely weather to be indoors knitting. Lavender flavoured (scented) cupcake anyone?
Some previous knitting.
Anzac cookies to munch on, delicious with a cup of tea.


Rowan said...

Those are beautiful flower photos - and cat photos too:) The little cardigan is so pretty, I haven't tried anything that fancy yet. And homemade biscuits - a really inspiring post!

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Rowan. I have seen your beautiful baby's blanket - it looks more fancy than my cardi! Congratulations on the new arrival.