Thursday, 4 September 2008

Florida Week 3

Universal Studios on a wet & windy day, but we're British ... this is a normal summer's day to us!! We put on ponchos and Crocs and had a great day. Fay took part in making of a disaster movie. My favourite ride was "The Mummy" with brilliant special effects, particularly the flames.

TerminatorE T
Still raining as we left.

The next day we decided to escape the rain and drove to Miami Beach.

Each life guard hut is painted in different colours.

Art Deco Hotels on Ocean Drive.

The sun returned as tropical storm Fay moved north and we visited Universal's Islands of Adventure.

The Hulk Roller Coaster . . . great fun!

The Jurassic Park ride was very good as was the Duelling Dragons, but the rides are over too quickly!

Fay feeling very hot.

I wasn't expecting to like Universal as much as Disney, but I enjoyed both of the parks and the special effects.

Sadly the holiday was almost over. On our last full day we went to Aquatica, Seaworld's new water park. Jay made me laugh by announcing that it was paradise.

The very active Commerson's Dolphins.

WARNING : This post contains a photo of me in a bikini!

One last look around Downtown Disney . . .

. . . before the night flight home.

We had only been home a short while when I noticed Jay had fallen asleep on the living-room floor!

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