Tuesday, 23 September 2008

An Indian Summer

The past week has felt more like summer than autumn and we made the most of it this weekend walking and foraging in the countryside. We came home with lots of blackberries and walnuts.

Jay is such an outdoor boy.

We found lots of fungi in the woods and I love the hedgerows at this time of year.

Dor Beetle
As soon as my OH saw the inscription he jumped onto the bench!

I have no idea why! lol


aromatic said...

I so love all your finds and your photographs... truly inspiring!!
I hope your O/H has recovered from his fright!! That certainly brought a smile to my face!!!!
Thank you also for the comment you made on my blog this morning, its so appreciated!

Jane xxx

MrsL said...

Lovely photos! Love the fungi...off out again thsi weekend to find some, I hope. It's amazing what's out there once you start really looking.