Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October

1st October - World Vegetarian Day ... yay! I must tell my husband - me being the vegetarian and he the carnivore! Well the first day of October has dawned very windy but gloriously sunny with blue, blue skies. A day for tidying the garden I think, getting it ready for winter and bringing in my geraniums before the frosts.
The weekend weather was unseasonably hot and Saturday we (3 of us minus Fay who doesn't "do" walking/countryside) went on a 5 hour circular walk just below the New Forest.

Making friends.

Our view whilst having a picnic.

OH got very excited over this World War boat of some description (he did tell me what it was but it is such a man thing! lol).


Tiny snails everywhere.

The Watch Tower.
It was just after this point in our walk that things got a little tricky. The walk in the AA book that we were following was a little vague ( a problem that we have had previously with this book) and the gate we thought we should pass through had been tied up by the farmer, so we assumed that we were wrong and took an alternative route. Unfortuately after a long while we ended up in a marsh. I was the first to pick my way through (the others are such gentlemen!) and as I put my weight on one foot on a hummock I sank ankle deep into the swampy water! No help for it but to carry on with one wet foot! The boys decided to back track and ended up with two wet feet each (I'm not laughing, honestly ... he he)! We then discovered that there was no way out, so I took us through a fence and we walked along the edge of a field of stubble. It was good to be on solid ground again. Jay was a little worn out by this time and not a little grumpy! Luckily we found our way back onto the route. Unfortuately we haven't got an OS map of this route - something that we will now change. I have to say that I rather enjoy getting lost in the countryside, but preferably with dry feet! lol

Back on track we found some more friends. Love the haircut!

Hoping for another good weekend and a trip into the New Forest ... armed with an OS map!

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