Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Orange October

If October was a colour it would be orange. Orange is normally my least favourite colour but this month that changes. I love the colour of the leaves and pumpkins this month.
I'm looking forward to eating these! It wasn't such a good pumpkin harvest this year, normally we have more than we can eat and I puree and freeze a lot of it, but this year I expect them to have been eaten before Christmas.

With Halloween just around the corner I made some spooky insect cakes.

I'm at home with Jay for 2 weeks as he had his tonsils removed and has to stay off school. It was a very emotional day for me, making light of it all on the outside for Jay's sake but very worried on the inside. Fortunately everything went well and he is a good patient, coping well with the pain, though I might take him to the doctors tomorrow to check out the pain in one of his ears as it is persistent. Being at home has given me the time to bake my Christmas cake and make the mincemeat earlier this year. Normally it is a half term job but being early will just mean a little more brandy in the cake!


MrsL said...

Nice pumpkins there! Turk's Turban is one of my favourites - makes a great soup, as well as coming top in the looks department :)
Am starting to think of cake and mincemeat about now, so you ahve spurred me on a bit!

Kim said...

Love those little cakies :)

Kim x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi there, the fairy cakes have all gone now and the squashes days are numbered!

Pj xx