Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Just to let you know ...

... that they are in the post.
Hope you like them, Pj x


Anonymous said...

And I received mine earlier this morning! How absolutely beautiful they are...everything! I put the bracelet on straight away, and can't stop fingering the brooch and sniffing the lavender hearts. Sadly, the choccie is now more! Ooops, very nice breakfast, though... *ahem*

The beads are the type i bought for the knitted bags... *phew*...although I didn't buy enough and they have sold out, so I am no further on than having some threaded on the yarn! I WILL get this going and make them!

Thanks so much :)


thesnailgarden said...

Wow, that got there quickly. Glad you liked the items and the chocolate! ;)

Hope you can get more beads, what colour is your bag?

Best wishes, Pj x

Anonymous said...

I have three balls of yarn - blue, lilac and green. I started on the green one...well, threaded 100 beads! When I went back to the shop I managed to get extra blue and purple beads, but they had sold out of the green! Not to worry, they will have them back in stock soon, but it's rather frustrating since this bag has been so long in the making! :)

MrsL said...

Mine arrived safely yesterday - thankyou so much, it's all beautiful!



Leanne said...

Pj, mine asrrived yesterday, thank you so much! i was having a bad day yesterday, and it was such a cheer-up, you have no idea!

thank you for your kindness, much appreciated

leanne x

thesnailgarden said...

Glad the parcels all arrived okay. Sorry to hear that you were feeling down Leanne, hope that things are better now. In defence of your choccie breakfast Mara, at least there were berries in the chocolate! That must make it a healthy breakfast!;)

Best wishes, Pj x

Sandy said...

Hiya Pj, thanks for the comment on my blog. It's a bit neglected of late, my mind is just not on it right now. Have a lovely day up there on the other side of the world :-)
Sandy xx