Monday, 2 February 2009

A Winter Wonderland

Waking up to a winter wonderland.
Daylight arrives.
Maurice isn't too sure about this.
Much too slippery and cold, he has spent the rest on the day curled up on the sofa!
Going out after breakfast.
Let the fun commence!
Jay launches the first snowball. Then decides that we need more snow, so creates snow-showers from the boughs.
We meet up with a friend and her two dogs.
Action shot - just look at those ears!

Snowballs on fur - time to take them home.
Robin Redbreast
Snow-capped berries.
Aspects of my friend's snowy garden.

Back home again.
I catch Ella red-handed as she eats the birds' bread!
Frozen fairies, butterfly and squirrels in our back garden.

Ella makes a snowball.

This cat has a screw loose at the best of times!

1 comment:

Tillybud said...

Everything looks so pretty in the snow doesn't it? I like the frozen fairy pics. Your cat is very funny!