Friday, 6 February 2009

Tooth Fairy Wanted

A gruesome way to spend an afternoon!

Jay had his four back teeth extracted ready to wear a brace. Poor boy first his tonsils and now this. He is back at school today and eating carefully!

Last picture of snow.

We had a little more snow last night, but now it is raining. I would love to have a week of snow like this each winter, just like when I was a child growing up in Norfolk. During the course of a telephone conversation with my Mum this week, she said that I would get more housework done whilst staying indoors! "No", I said, "I'm going out to play snowballs!" I know that the snow has caused disruption for many people, but I have welcomed the chance to play in the snow with my children and make more memories to treasure. Or maybe not the last picture as it is snowing again!


MrsL said...

Snowballs before housework, definitley!



nita x said...

definately snowballs and snowmen before any housework LOL