Tuesday, 21 April 2009

April Flowers

As you may have noticed, each month I am creating a mosaic of flowers that are in bloom in my garden. This month it has been difficult to choose the flowers as so many are now in bloom. The flowers are loving this warm weather as am I.

It is such a pleasure to be able to walk to work, especially at the moment whilst the bluebells are out in the woods.

In the front garden the Amelanchier has finished flowering. Next it will display lots of small, red berries that the blackbirds greedily stuff their beaks with.

The blossom on this tree is glorious at the moment. It starts off pink and fades to white.

My window sills are full of seedlings at this time of year. I also have sunflowers, squashes, peas and flowers in the greenhouse.

My OH has finished the fence at the allotment and planted the potatoes before our holiday. He is now making a permanent path across the centre of the allotment and has even joined an allotment forum on-line. We are hoping to be more organised this year and hoping for a drier summer this year.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely lovely mosaic of flowers! :)

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Mara, this time of year is so pretty, I just want to spend all my time in the garden. Your garden looks a lovely spot to sit in the sun. Best wishes, Pj x

Kim said...

What beautiful pictures, and I love the montage of all of them :)

Kim x

Rowan said...

The flowers in your garden are lovely, there are more and more appearing at this time of year. I love seeing and smelling the bluebells too, I'm lucky and have a large bluebell wood very close by, seeing them in full bloom is one of the high spots of my year.