Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Candlelit Summer Evening

Yesterday we managed to have a summer's day without any rain, so we took advantage and after an afternoon walk, had a BBQ in the garden. Afterwards I lit my candles for the first time this year - it shows how much rain we have had!
My OH calls this "my hippie moment", when I light all the candles, but I think the garden looks beautiful like this. He is just so unromantic!


aromatic said...

Absolutely magical!! Do hope we manage some more 'summer' before the season ends! Is it me or do the nights seem to be drawing in earlier this year??... where have all those endless summer days disappeared to??
Love Jane xxx

Rowan said...

That is so lovely, it must look absolutely magical when you are there. There certainly hasn't been much chance to have barbeques or light outdoor candles so far this summer though.