Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Still Harvesting ...

... beans, beans and more beans. Plus courgettes!
The wild strawberries are still in fruit in the back garden.
And the tomatoes on the back wall of the garage are still going strong.

We harvested the Borlotto beans from the allotment at the weekend.

Whooping Brandywine tomatoes from the greenhouse.
1 lb 1 oz each!

Also from the greenhouse - cherry tomatoes and fiery chillis.
Unfortunately, the greenhouse tomatoes now have blight so we are waiting for the outdoor Plum and Brandywine tomatoes to ripen. If they don't ripen, I will make them into Green Tomato Chutney.
Sorry, no photos of the deliciously sweet Indian Summer sweetcorn from the allotment, we barbecued them and ate them! Too greedy to stop to take a photo!

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