Friday, 13 November 2009

Last Week

Last week ... we had sparklers in our garden to celebrate November 5th. Our local display is late this year and is planned for tomorrow, weather permitting!
Last week ... on the crafting front, I made this felted Scottie dog gift tag for a friend and now that the weather is colder I have two scarves "on the go" - one crocheted and one knitted with a crocheted flower. I will post pictures of them when they are finished.
Last week ... I made my Christmas cake to my usual Delia recipe. I love how the fruit looks jewel-like whilst it is soaking up the brandy.
I have ordered a few cake decorating bits and pieces on-line and this year's cake is going to be predominately white, with a wreath of white holly leaves on top. Watch this space, as last year's design didn't go as planned and had a very last minute change!

Best wishes, Pj x

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Rowan said...

Looks as though you've been spending your time in much the same way as I have! I just love that scottie gift tag, I've had two Scotties in my life and am always attracted to anything connected with them.