Friday, 12 February 2010

Butterflies and Knitting

Last Saturday, we visited RHS Wisley to see the butterflies in the glasshouse.

Owl (Caligo memnon)

Achilles Morpho (Morpho achilles)

I think these are a Scarlett Swallowtail (at the back) and a Common Mormon

Malachite (Sipoeta stelenes)

A rather ragged Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides)

Malay Lacewing (Cethosia biblis)

Blue Morpho
A few of the beautiful blooms in the glasshouse -
Orchid Masdevallia schroederiana
Grevillea Robyn Gordon
Grevillea johnsonii

Where's the bread?
My favourite flowers this time of year are snowdrops, hellebores and winter aconites

We made a fuss of Sunny the garden cat.
Back home this week, Maurice sunning himself on my car! Naughty boy!
I posted the giveaway prize to Ren.
It was a scarf, inspired by all this cold weather.

I am "into" crocheting flowers at the moment, from the book "100 flowers to knit & crochet". The one on the gift doubles up as a decoration and a brooch and I have just made a similar one for myself. I'm still knitting my "tank top" and I am taking part in the Winter Knitting Olympics by knitting some coat hanger covers. I plan to decorate them with crocheted flowers.

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aromatic said...

Wonderful photographs and gorgeous scarf!!
Love Jane xx