Sunday, 28 February 2010

February 2010

If January was defined by snow, then February has been defined by rain!
The catkins shake in the wind like lambs' tails.
Snowdrops are the first wild flowers of the year to appear.
Fungi growing on Elder trees.
The smooth bark of the Wild Cherry trees shines in the weak sun.
The first leaves of the wild honeysuckle unfold.
Lichen decorates the bare winter branches.
Fantastic shapes of moss covered trees are visible in the woodland.
These ones look like Ents toes to me! :)
March 1st tomorrow, with the mad March winds to blow me to work each morning and more signs of Earth re-awakening after the winter.


aromatic said...

Just love your photographs!! Taking the dogs for a walk at the moment is a wet and muddy task and also means a lot of cleaning up once we get back home! Maybe the March winds will dry it all up a little!! Roll on Spring!
Love Jane xxx

Rowan said...

Lovely photos - I see what you mean about Ents - that tree looks as though it might set off through the woods at any minute:)