Friday, 26 November 2010

Brrrrrrrr ...

... November has quickly gone from being unseasonably warm to very cold. Jack Frost has been visiting our garden and the shady parts of garden haven't defrosted at all today. The wisteria is finally discarding its leaves.
This beady-eyed robin has taken up residence in our front garden.

Wednesday, Jay had an inset day so we went swimming together. Here he is with his Maurice. He was carrying him outside in style before we went out!
These boys love each other. Maurice was supposed to be my husband's cat, but from day one he has only had eyes for Jay.
Yesterday, I suddenly remembered that I hadn't planted up my Paperwhites. I had saved the bulbs from last year, by hanging them up in the garage and when I retrieved them they were already sprouting. Last year they bloomed too early for Christmas, so I am breaking all the rules this time and taking pot luck by putting them straight onto a window sill, rather than forcing them in the dark. The moss is from the far end of my garden, which is quite shady.

Yesterday, I also baked this coconut cake which is now a family favourite.
And I have been busy crocheting for a Christmas swap. I love Christmas and have started to feel very Christmassy already! :) I still have lots to do and think I need to sit down and write some lists to get myself organised. I have also discovered PhotoScape, as you can probably tell. I have been using the free download and have been having fun playing with my photos. :)
Hope you are keeping warm, best wishes Pj x

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