Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring Fever

This week the days have began shrouded in fog,
before the sun has broken through with temperatures up to 16'C.
The Wild Cherry Plum next to our garden is in glorious blossom; I'm looking forward to lots of fruit in the autumn.
We have Blue Tits nesting in our porch roof again and this Cheeky Chappie keeps peeking in our kitchen window.
He sits here several times each day and isn't bothered by us being in the kitchen at all.
 Earlier this week I picked these gorgeous Daffodils from our old allotment
and I picked this posy of Grape Hyacinths from the back garden.  I love having flowers in the house.
 The garden is starting to look very pretty dressed in Primroses,

 and Tulip buds.
 The heavy scent of the Hyacinths is attracting the Peacock Butterflies
and the Brimstone Butterflies, that as always are too fast for me to photograph!
This Sunday the clocks go forward an hour and British Summertime begins.  I'm loving these longer days and warm sunshine - I hope it lasts!

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