Thursday, 1 March 2012

Spring Sunshine

 Today is the first day of spring and the sun shone, making it a perfect day for a woodland walk. 
I was so glad to see that the snowdrops have survived the building of the new houses nearby.
 In fact the builders have opened up this area and the snowdrops are thriving.
The warmth of the sun is encouraging the primroses to bear flowers
and the celandines are open already.
The insects are out and about
and this friendly cat was looking in the undergrowth, before coming to greet me.
Mossy lichens cover the branches in a denser part of the woodland.

 and elsewhere the leaves of the bluebells are shooting through the earth.
 Back in our garden the purple-leaved plum is in bud.  A few more sunny days and this tree will be covered in pink blossom.
 Rip Van Winkle and Little Beauty are looking pretty on the patio.

 As are the primulas in various shades of pink.
 This bumble bee was busy drinking the nectar from the crocuses.
 Signs of spring can be found in the flower beds too.  Hyacinths are beginning to bloom
 and the first narcissus is out.
Ella, my gardening companion, was rolling around on the lawn.
 I caught her mid-roll. :)
Back indoors, more flowery business; I am crocheting the roses for my Mum's tea cosy and finishing off my Japanese daisy chain scarf.  I had better hurry, as soon it may be too warm to wear my scarf!

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Tracy said...

What a lovely bright and cheerful post, a what a wonderful walk you had today just lovely!