Saturday, 10 November 2012

Half Term Round-Up

The half term holidays whizzed by and I'm only just now getting the chance to blog about our visit to see Fay.  She is very happy living with her friends and is really enjoying her course.
She took us to see some of the sights that she has been looking at as part of her coursework.  This church had the most amazing carvings.
Father and Daughter in the court house.
Unfortunately this church was closed, so we will have to wait for another visit.
In addition to buildings, Fay has been concentrating on drawing trees.  This is her latest digital artwork:-
Her talent never ceases to amaze me.
Back home we have had our first frost.
These Roses seem to have survived the frost.  (Whilst gardening I found the label for this and it is called The Fairy, not Ballerina as I had thought.)
The star of the garden has to be this Sedum.  I have split the main plant up and spread it around the garden for some good autumn colour.  Also in the back garden I have planted some more bulbs.  I am worried that I may have lost my Snakeshead Fritillaries whilst digging so I have planted some more.
I have also potted up some Paperwhites for indoors.  Hopefully they will be in flower for Christmas.
Whilst the sun was out and the sky so blue,
I took a trip to the allotment to plant some fruit bushes - two Blackcurrant and two Gooseberry.
Maurice was having none of this outside lark and stayed on the sofa, cosy under his blankets.  That eye opened up, as I approached with the camera, as if to say "you are not moving me".  :)
During the holidays we went back to Ikea and bought the table to match our living-room furniture.  It looks so much better than the old pine table.
I also treated myself to a new book.  I have their other cook book and love the recipes, so I'm looking forward to using this one.
In the kitchen there were a few undecorated cake-pops leftover from Halloween, so I turned them into "toffee apples" as a bonfire night dessert.  These were inspired by the Fiona Cairns TV series that I have been watching.
I have also watched The Great British Bake-Off and it prompted me to have another go at bread-making.  I have always been a little hit and miss at this, but taking tips from Paul Hollywood on TGBBO I think I may have cracked it!  Lovely, soft and tasty Onion Bread (even if I say so myself)!
Last night it was served with Butternut Squash Soup and today the other half of the loaf will accompany some Cauliflower Cheese.  It must be winter if I am making soup again!  Well, there are only 44 days left until Christmas! ;) Best wishes, Pj x

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