Saturday, 14 December 2013

Days 341 to 347

Here are my next set of 365 photos of what we have been up to this past week:-
Day 341 of 365
We have taken out RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) membership again and on Saturday we visited RHS Wisley.  I'll post photos of our visit next time.
Day 342 of 365
Sunday we visited my Husband's Nan and then went to see his parents and uncle who was visiting from Canada.  It was lovely to catch up with everyone.
Day 343 of 365
I've really got into tinsel this year and entwined it around all the bedsteads.  OH didn't even notice when he got into bed! :)
Day 344 of 365
After work on Tuesday I did a big, big shop at the local supermarket.  I purchased most of the store cupboard groceries for the holidays including these two stocking-fillers for the children (even though they are 18 and 21).
Day 345 of 365
This week I have got organised for Christmas.  All the cards have been written on and posted where necessary, parcels have gone to the post office and all the presents have been wrapped.  All that is left to do is the baking.
Day 346 of 365
Thursday I mended these peg angels.  Each year I make a decoration for each of my children's trees that they have in their bedrooms.  I made these angels a few years ago and the kit said to use glue.  Against my better judgement I glued the lace and dress together, but as I expected the glue browned and so this week I trimmed the dresses and crocheted new lace around them and stitched the clothes onto the pegs.  Much better!  They now sit on top of the trees.
Day 347 of 365
Yesterday we picked Jay up from his university.  We spent the afternoon wandering around the shops and the German market, before travelling home in the evening.
We stayed up rather late last night catching up and now I'm feeling rather tired so an easy day is planned - lots of laundry to do! ;)
Only 18 more photos to go!
Best wishes, Pj x

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